On September 1, 2019, new rules will be coming into force for businesses that sell to Quebec consumers.  Under the old rules, only businesses with permanent establishments in Quebec were required to register for and collect the QST.  Now, most businesses that sell more than $30,000 of goods or services to consumers in Quebec that are not QST registrants, will be required to become QST registrants.  As per Revenue Quebec’s website, registration is mandatory for Canadian businesses that:

  • do not have any establishments in Québec, nor do they carry on a business in Québec.
  • are not currently registered for the QST.
  • make more than $30,000 per year in taxable supplies to consumers in Québec.
  • supply property or services to consumers in Québec who are not registered for the QST.

If you think you may be affected, you should reach out to your professional accounting advisor to ensure you are in compliance.