Tax & Payroll Services

As technology has evolved, so have we. We provide up-to-the-minute tax services for your small business thanks to the latest advances in accounting software.

Tax Preparation

When you work with Stansbury & Company, you can expect accuracy and efficiency. We assess the unique needs of every small to mid-sized business and law firm we work with and use the latest in tax preparation and research technology. Whether for tax returns, tax dispute resolution, or CRA assessments, Doug Stansbury applies expert knowledge of both tax law and client business to maximize profit by minimizing tax.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a key component in the success of our clients. Deep insight into each client’s position — their needs and long-term financial objectives — enables Doug to develop innovative strategies for achieving goals with maximum money retained after taxes.

Payroll Services

Payroll doesn’t have to be a burden. We handle payroll administration so our clients can focus on growing their businesses. In addition to preparing client payroll, we also assist clients by equipping their payroll systems with all the necessary controls to ensure reliability, efficiency and effectiveness.

Federal & Provincial Sales Tax (HST, PST, QST)

If our client collects and submits sales taxes in different jurisdictions, we can help. We can compile information and prepare sales tax returns, as well as help control sales tax related costs. We can also file on behalf of our clients. Our systems and processes have been designed to ensure everything runs smoothly, on time, and with no last-minute chase.