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Accountants in Hamilton, Ontario

Stansbury & Company is an accounting firm in Hamilton, Ontario.

While we are proud to be based in Hamilton, we are happy to work with small and medium-sized businesses wherever they need us. Technology has made it possible for us to service clients in any location. Remote and digital services make for accounting that is far less intrusive, performed in real-time and delivered without unnecessary delays. So, while most of the businesses we work with are located around the Greater Toronto Area and the Niagara Region, we service clients from around the globe.

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Accounting Services

We make accounting simple. Our firm offers a number of different services such as accounting, bookkeeping, accounting software selection and implementation.

Tax & Payroll Services

Feel confident with superior tax preparation, tax planning, payroll services, and federal and provincial sales tax services from Stansbury & Company.

Business Consulting

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from financial forecasts & projections, business advisory, business succession planning, and estate planning services.

A Modern Approach To Accounting

At Stansbury & Company, we know that our clients want to save time by investing in a process that works. We embrace the traditions of our field but don’t shy away from technology. Our team members are proficient in the latest accounting software such as QuickBooks Online and Receipt Bank. We’re focused on bringing the best of our profession together with progressive processes and the latest technology.

We know that tax and payroll issues can be intimidating. And we know that finding a team you can trust to handle your small business accounting needs is even tougher. We deliver a real difference, real results, and real value to our clients.

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